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Looking for an alternative to bank guarantees?

Bonded Global Australia (BGA) offers Surety Bonds catering for a range of industries including the construction sector.

BGA may be able to help!

We've partnered with a leading APRA approved international insurance company to offer S&P A+ rated bonds for Australian contracting companies. Surety Bonds assist by freeing up valuable working capital and credit lines normally required as security under a bank guarantee.  From small to large bonds - we're here to help!  It’s simple - We know the surety guarantee business and the pain bank guaranteed bonds can place on a business - so now we have a great alternative!

Types of Surety Bonds

 Businesses are often required to provide a performance bond that gives stakeholders a guarantee of financial compensation in case the business cannot complete the project as specified. Increasingly, such performance bonds are a prerequisite for contracts being awarded in a wide range of fields. Being able to provide a Surety Bond opens doors for businesses, making it far more attractive for decision makers to award contracts to them.

  • CONTRACT PERFORMANCE BOND  Secures the contractors' performance obligations to the sum specified in the contract. Performance bonds are generally issued on an unconditional, irrevocable and on demand-basis
  • RETENTION BONDS   At completion of a project, you may want your retained funds returned to you. Offering a retention bond thus provides security to the Beneficiary (Principal) in exchange for the release of the cash retention held
  • MAINTENANCE (Defects Liability) BONDS  These bonds are provided to secure post completion obligations during the warranty or defects liability period. This is generally for a 12 months post completion tenure
  • ADVANCE PAYMENT BONDS These serve to secure the position of the contractor where funds are advanced for the purpose of purchasing equipment, staff mobilisation or site establishment etc.


Drop us a line or give us a call - We'd love to hear about your upcoming project and to help out if possible!